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kota stone manufacturers in Ramganj mandi Rajasthan india,we are leading manufacturer of kota stone in kota rajasthan,Kota is type of a stone just like marble and granite. Kotah stone is basically a district of Rajasthan, India. Where hundreds of mines are located, town name Ramganj mandi

kota stone manufacturerskota stone manufacturers

Kota stone is basically a district of Rajasthan, India. where hundreds of mines are located, town name Ramganjmandi is known for its famous kota mines.more than 100 kota stone manufacturers in Ramganj mandi, you can find best price from manufacturers of kota stone

Color of kota stone is rich greenish-blue and brown, mostly used in industrial area, garden area, temple, lobby area, railway stations, hospitals, stair case etc.

kota stone price list            

Size         Thickness              price

11″x11″    18-32mm             8.00Rs./-pcs.

9″x9″       18-32mm             6.00Rs./-pcs.

22″x11″    18-32mm             21.00Rs./-pcs.

22″x10″    18-32mm            16.00Rs./-pcs.

22″x9″      18-32mm            12.00Rs./-pcs.

21″x21″    18-32mm            54.00Rs./-pcs.

22″x22″     18-24mm           16.50rs./-sq.ft.

23″x23″     18-24mm           17.50Rs./-sq.ft.

2’x3′            18-25mm          21.00rs./-sq.ft

2’x4′            18-25mm          24.00rs./-sq.ft

2’x5′            18-25mm          28.00rs./-sq.ft

Finishing – top surface is semi-polished bottom is natura/rough

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